Personal Training

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Shane is in with the main stream of new information and training techniques so no doubt he can help his clients and our hotel guests & members with the possible best information and knowledge available out there.

When you choose to work with Shane expect professionalism, fun, enthusiasm, sincerity, real care for your wellbeing and fantastic results! 

“Some people go to work, some have careers and some have hobbies - I have all 3 combined into one! My hobby, which I love, I have transformed into my job and career. I have had 11 years to mold my personality to my training - and I have it down to a T!

I love life and while I keep fit, I do enjoy living it up! My passion for fitness and healthy lifestyle living is felt through my voice and work. When I talk you won't just hear me, you will FEEL ME! Watching something grow or transform from one stage to another is more satisfying to me than anything else.

My two children also help to keep Daddy fit, as they always have me running around! And it helps as my son wants to be a personal trainer.

I am not a believer of firm and fair - Just FIRM. You're not here for a donuts and a smile! Results have to be achieved. And it's my job to make sure that happens.

I don't take NO; I don't take YES. I take DO's. I'm not interested in someone who needs to train. Find someone needy for that. I want someone that WANTS IT. Is that you?

I'm on a journey, if you want to come along for the ride, come find me!”


One off training session: £60

Ten sessions: £500 inc  BMI test

Fifteen sessions: £675 inc  BMI test

Twenty sessions: £800 inc BMI test

Weeding package: 3 months before your wedding the bride and groom can book a trainer three times a week with constant  nutrition advice and some top No Shane No Gain tips to help you look fantastic for your big day: £1700

For further prices on services and package options please inquire.